Mutation #05 | Sophiensaele Berlin

Dirk Cieslak - Director

From and with
Miriam Fiordeponti
Bridget Gethins
Ami Garmon
Niels Bormann
Isaac Moses Regelson
Tatiana Saphir
Rahel Savodelli
Santiago Blaum
Walter Velazquez
Makinde Adenrian
Cao Yi Yun
Martin Clausen
Gao Ming Bo
Mei Yu Ting, Ren Saibara

Video - Leandro Martin Fernandez
Ausstattung - Kerstin Eichner
Assistenz - Luz Algranti

While Markus fills in the forms to take over the Goethe Institut, Nicole is calling to bring Taiwan back to the Mainland and Mom proudly shows her tattoos and confesses that she was a former member of the IRA. While Betty tries to hide in the bathroom Tooro is dancing the Koloso with all the others in joy because he could free his comrades in exchange for three naked policeman he kidnapped . Punk is dead in Berlin.

Unterst├╝tzt von Fondation Antorchas, Botschaft der USA, der Botschaft der Republik Argentinien Link: mutation workspace


ę2019 lubricat, berlin